Your Local Earthworks and Plant Hire Specialists in Hawkes Bay

Bourke Contractors are the preferred local contractors for those in the know in the Hawkes Bay area, and are able to facilitate a comprehensive range of contracting duties to get your home, business or rural property looking great. If you’re in need of a reliable team able to perform a wide range of jobs at competitive prices, you can’t go past Mike and Aaron!
Currently we specialise in the following:
  • House site preparation
  • Stripping and excavation
  • Fills (both metal and topsoil)
  • Rubbish removal
  • Hole drilling
  • Compaction
  • Demolition
  • Digger and load hire
  • Metal extraction
  • Orchard/vineyard removal and redevelopment
  • Rural track formation and maintenance
The company has extensive earthworks capabilities, complimented by our large fleet of plant, trucks and excavators operated by competent and well-trained staff. We’re able to offer the following vehicles and equipment for hire:

Our Fleet of Plant, Trucks and Equipment

  • 5 tonne rubber tracked digger with back blades
  • 2 x 12 tonne steel tracked diggers
Excavation/digger attachments:
  • Tilt buckets (for rocks and weeds)
  • Footing buckets
  • Augers
  • Root rakes
  • 4 x 12 tonne loaders including 4 in 1 clamp buckets to pull posts and strainers
Trucks for hire:
  • 6 wheeler tip trucks
  • 8 wheeler tip trucks
  • Articulated bulk fill haulers
  • Water carts and machinery transporters
  • Truck and trailer units
View of the site during earthworks

Driveway and Rural Track Maintenance

Bourke Contractors understands the importance of keeping your vineyard/orchard tracks and load bays pothole free, So as to minimise the potential damage an uneven service can do to fruit, Bourke Contractors understands the importance of keeping vineyard and orchard tracks and load bays pothole free. We can provide the full range of services in this department including repairs and maintenance of old tracks, roads and load bays and the construction of new tracks, roads and load bays.

Orchard and Vineyard Redevelopment

Bourke Contractors specialises in orchard and vineyard pull and disposal. We have the capacity to complete the whole process from start to finish including tree removal, and post ramming.

Heavy Lifting Capabilities

We’re your one stop shop for jobs that require a combination of heavy lifting plus construction, earthworks and/or bulk water supply. Our owners also own Hawkes Bay Crane Hire, the local crane operation experts. This means we’re able to co-ordinate with them on any work that requires construction, earthworks or heavy lifting, thereby saving you the hassle of ringing around a number of different businesses for the same service. 

Preparation and Water Delivery for Pool Sites

We are the obvious choice for new pool sites, and can perform a range of roles to a high standard of workmanship. This includes digging the foundation, lifting the pool into place and filling it with our bulk water carrier. Check out the website for Hawkes Bay Crane Hire to see their full range of services.

Your local cartage and plant hire experts – call 06 877 7186

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